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Since 1939, the SPR Award in honor of E. Mead Johnson has recognized outstanding clinical and laboratory pediatric research achievements. The most prestigious award presented by the SPR, this honor recognizes E. Mead Johnson’s legacy of research excellence and impact on child health that continues to inspire the pediatric community today.


  • Must have received first doctoral degree in 1999 or later. (Nominators of candidates who have interrupted their research career for 2 or more years may request that the committee waives this stipulation)

  • Must have displayed research contributions related to pediatrics published within recent years.

  • Strong record of independent research productivity 


Deadline for Submission – November 7, 2018

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae of the Nominee

    • Include a bibliography of published works of the nominee with an asterisk next to the most significant contributions

    • Indicate record of research productivity

  2. Detailed Letter of Nomination

    • Originality of the research work

    • Independent investigation or collaboration

    • Soundness of investigation and value of research work in contributing basic knowledge to the overall field of pediatrics Include references to literature where appropriate

    • Include national and/or international recognition

  3. Two (2) Letters of Support

    • One letter should be outside of the nominee’s institution

    • Letters should not be from a direct collaborator/co-author of the nominee

  4. Three (3) Recent Articles (within last 5 years)

    • Reflect nominee’s best work

    • Selection of these works is a major point of evaluation.



  • The award will be presented with a commemorative plaque and an honorarium of $12,500 during the PAS Meeting.

  • The awardee will give a 15-minute presentation at the PAS Meeting.

  • Economy-level travel expenses, if booked 30 days prior

  • Hotel accommodations for up to 4 nights

  • Complimentary PAS Meeting registration

*This award is supported by Mead Johnson Nutrition.  The award winner will be under no obligation to Mead Johnson Nutrition.


  • The award will be presented to one individual annually.

  • The Committee for the E. Mead Johnson Award will be solely responsible for recipient selection.

  • Members of the selection committee cannot nominate or support any nominations.

  • Awards will only be chosen when there are eligible candidates.


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For Additional Information contact the SPR Central Office at
info@societyforpediatricresearch.org or call (346) 980-9710